NESTLÉ START AND CO. 2022 is an Open Innovation Programme promoted by Nestlé Iberia in partnership with Nova School of Business and Economics.

The purpose of this Programme is to identify and select the most promising startups and entrepreneurs that aim to grow by exploring synergies with Nestlé and cocreate and co-develop new paths and future businesses.

Startups and Nestlé will co-validate and co-refine its innovatiove solutions in a real environment with full support.
Why join this Programme?
What do we have to offer?
Who are we looking for?


Apply now if you belive your Startup can help solve any of the following challenges
1. Generation Regeneration
2. Healthy Portfolio Takes Over
3. Overload Of Senses
4. Rise of New (Conscious) Retail
5. OOH Reborns 3.0
6. Home as Center Stage
7. Digital Interfaces of The Future
8. New (Digital) Channels
9. Wildcards

Program Structure.

Scouting the most promising and innovative startups
1. Pitching
Pitching of top startups to Nestlé executives

2. Matchmaking
3 days of Matchmaking with pre-selected startups working on real Nestlé cases
Selected startups with the best fit to Nestlé will co-create and co-develop innovative solution until the end of the year 2022.


Christoph Hantschk
CEO & Founder | Goodbag
“For us the Start and Co program was the perfect starting point to work with Nestlé and their amazing people on developing our solution and pilot it all over Portugal. We believe that this is just the beginning and together we will have a big impact on the environment and consumers worldwide.”
João Ferro Rodrigues
CEO & Founder | Bugle
"This program is perfect for ambitious startups that believe in their offering. For bugle, our participation was very successful! It opened the door to a collaboration with Nestlé Professional that has been strong since then, starting in Portugal and expanding to several geographies."

"Este programa está pensado para startups que acreditam na sua oferta e têm ambição. Para a bugle, a decisão de participar neste programa foi muito feliz. Foi este programa que nos abriu a porta para uma colaboração com a Nestlé Professional que se mantém há vários anos, e que já se expandiu para várias geografias."
Marco Tschan Carvalho
CEO | proGrow
“The Nestlé Start and Co. program is based on a methodology of practical training in the field. It becomes particularly interesting when the “field” we have at our disposal is the Nestlé world and the ultimate goal is to find a joint business opportunity.”

“O programa Nestlé Start and Co. está alicerçado numa metodologia de formação prática no terreno. Torna-se particularmente interessante quando o "terreno" que temos à disposição é o mundo Nestlé e o objetivo final é encontrar uma oportunidade de negócio conjunta.”
Ana Rodrigues
CEO & Founder | Fidu Foods
“Participating in Nestlé Start&Co was more than a partnership between a start-up and a big company, it was a unique opportunity that allowed us to work as a team throughout the project, to develop and learn together, with the support of specialists from different areas with Nestlé's know-how.”
“Participar no Nestlé Start&Co foi mais do que uma parceria entre uma start-up e uma grande empresa, foi uma oportunidade única que nos permitiu trabalhar em equipa ao longo de todo o projeto, desenvolver e aprender em conjunto, com o apoio de especialistas de diversas áreas com o know-how da Nestlé.”


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